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Career Counselling


The dramatic transformation taking place in US and international business is growing rapidly. Increased by an evolving global business environment, we are seeing the creation of new industries, new challenges, new opportunities and new sets of rules. Never has business and industry been as broad, or as complex, or as challenging. One of the most significant aspects of this transformation is the emergence of the career counselling concept.

Accordingly, current market conditions and the increasing competition for the best opportunities require the need for an state-of-the-art career management service, and we at Bluesky Executive Search recognize this need.

Our staff of career consultants employ highly sophisticated, personalized and effective processes to help clients recognize – and then achieve – their career ambitions. Our mission is to ensure that clients take maximum advantage of the opportunities available in today's marketplace.

Most people will take a traditional, and ultimately frustrating, approach to changing jobs. After preparing a CV, they will, usually, answer several adverts, contact a few agencies and recruiters, and ask their friends to "keep their eyes open." Others will write directly to companies or just "knock on doors" and then wonder why nothing ever happens.

The Answer
Most people do best in the employment markets by finding, what are referred to as private openings - positions that are about to become available, or positions that could be created. The rewards are great for the job hunter who can find these private openings. Here’s why:

You practically eliminate competition

You interact most with decision makers

You are very often instrumental in writing your new job description

You have much more leverage when negotiating a compensation package.

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