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Chris Waite  
Chris Waite - Chief Executive
Chris is CEO of Bluesky and has 18 years of experience in specialist HR related recruitment, having held senior leadership positions overseeing staffs of more than 200, with some of the largest international recruitment groups... more
Liam James  
Liam James - Director Global Mobility Practice
Liam is a Director at Bluesky and heads up the Global Mobility search division for EMEA and Asia. Liam has a successful track record of leading mobility-related search campaigns with multiple roles at multiple levels... more
Cindi Cross - Director Global Mobility and Relocation Practice
Cindi is Director of our Global Mobility and Relocation Practice for North America and prior to joining Bluesky has gained over twenty years' experience in the relocation industry... more
Lesley Bolton  
Lesley Bolton - Director Client Services
Following a career break, Lesley joined Blue Sky at the beginning of 2005, and was promoted to Director, Client Services in 2006 as a reflection of the huge positive impact she has had on the business... more
Alyson Waite  
Alyson Waite -
Alyson has been with Bluesky since its inception in 2002 and heads up our finance function. Having worked in the recruitment sector for over 10 years she has developed a wealth of finance experience in this sector... more
Joanna Mason  
Joanna Mason ACIPD - Head of Research
Joanna has over 19 years as a researcher in the world of executive search and as such is highly experienced. Prior to working with Bluesky she worked for as Head of Research for Armstrong Craven... more
Steve Parker - Project Manager Global Business Development
Steve joined BlueSky in 2008 and he brings to the organization a wealth of business experience gained in the UK, European and US arenas with both large corporations and SMEs which gives him a unique global perspective to business challenges... more


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